Nectar of the Bud farms is a family owned cannabis business located in Southern Oregon. We first started out in 2006 growing medical marijuana with some help from our grown children. At first, we grew  just for ourselves. Then for just a couple patients. We have always been organic farmers. Using the best organic  methods of farming to produce some of southern Oregons finest medical strains.

I remember my first grow was indoors and I had six plants. I will say if a person can master the art of indoor growing , outdoor’s is a walk in the park.  Around 2010 we put in our first outdoor garden and have been growing that way ever since.

Things sure have changed over the last decade with legalization of recreational pot for adult use.  In 2016, my husband’s dream of starting a recreational grow began. Getting all of our ducks to line up was no easy feat.  There were countless visits to the planning commission, moving water rights from one property to another, lawyer fee’s, educational seminars and lets not forget the paper work. We started building up our seed bank and have accumulate nearly 100 different strains not to mention a handful of our own crosses.

It finally all  came together August 8th, 2017.  We officially got our first recreational growers permit.   Just a few short weeks later, on September 3, 2017 my husband  of  32 years was diagnosed with cancer.  Talking about a life changing event.  One day we were in the garden working and the next day he couldn’t get out of bed.  We are however with Gods help going to get thru this and continue to pursue our farming dream.

Here at ” Nectar of The Bud Farms”,  we grow  out door’s and in a greenhouse  in natural sun, wind and all that entails. It’s the way God intended things to be grown, pure and natural.

There is nothing like standing in a 40,000 foot  field of dreams and watching all those beautiful colas swaying in the wind. Not to mention all the yummy, smells that they omit. This industry is an ever changing one, but us old schooler’s  remember what it use to be like. We lived and loved thru it all to see and help make it what it is today. God Bless America!